How Much Is A Handle Of Vodka

How Much Is A Handle Of Vodka

When it comes to purchasing vodka, size does matter — especially if you're planning a party, counting your cocktails, or simply stocking up your home bar. If you've heard of the term 'handle of vodka' and wondered how much that actually is, and how much it might set you back, you've come to the right place! In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about a handle of vodka, including size, price, and some popular brands to consider when shopping for one.

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What is a Handle of Vodka?

A handle of vodka is a colloquial term used to refer to a large bottle of vodka that contains 1.75 liters of liquid. To put that in perspective, a handle of vodka is equivalent to about 59 fluid ounces or approximately 39 standard 1.5-ounce shots. In other words, it's the perfect amount for sharing with friends at a gathering. The term 'handle' comes from the actual handle present on many larger liquor bottles, making them easier to carry and pour.

Price Range for a Handle of Vodka

When it comes to pricing, a handle of vodka can vary greatly depending on the brand and quality. Here are some general price ranges to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • Budget-Friendly Vodka: $15 to $20 – Ideal for making mixed drinks and large batch cocktails, these vodkas may not be super-smooth for sipping straight, but they'll certainly get the job done without breaking the bank.
  • Mid-Range Vodka: $20 to $30 – These vodkas offer a step up in quality and can be enjoyed as part of a cocktail or even on the rocks.
  • Premium and Ultra-Premium Vodka: $30 to $60 (and up) – Vodkas in this range boast superior quality, unique distillation methods, and outstanding smoothness, making them perfect for savoring straight up or used in your favorite cocktail.

Popular Vodka Brands and Their Handle Prices

To give you an idea of the price for a handle of vodka from some well-known brands, we've compiled a list with approximate prices (which may vary depending on your location and retailer):

  1. Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka: around $20
  2. New Amsterdam Vodka: around $20
  3. Svedka Vodka: around $23
  4. Ketel One Vodka: around $40
  5. Absolut Vodka: around $30
  6. Grey Goose Vodka: around $50
  7. Belvedere Vodka: around $60

How Much Is A Handle Of Vodka Example

To help you better visualize and put into perspective the size of a handle of vodka, let's compare it to other commonly available bottle sizes:

- A miniature (50 ml) bottle contains roughly 1.7 fluid ounces or a little over one standard shot.

- A half-pint (200 ml) bottle contains about 6.8 fluid ounces, or about four and a half standard shots.

- A pint (375 ml) bottle contains roughly 12.7 fluid ounces, equivalent to about eight and a half standard shots.

- A fifth (750 ml, or one-fifth of a gallon) contains about 25.4 fluid ounces, which averages to around 17 standard shots.

- And finally, the handle (1.75 Liters) contains approximately 59 fluid ounces, equivalent to almost 40 standard shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is a "Handle" of Vodka?

A "handle" refers to a 1.75-liter bottle of vodka. It's called a handle due to the actual handle often found on the side of the bottle, making it easier to carry.

How Does the Size of a Handle Compare to Other Bottle Sizes?

A handle is larger than a standard 750ml bottle. While a 750ml bottle is equivalent to 25.4 ounces, a handle offers 59.18 ounces of vodka.

Why Might Someone Opt for a Handle Over a Smaller Bottle?

Handles are ideal for large gatherings, parties, or for those who wish to stock up. They also tend to offer better value for money on a per-ounce basis.

What Factors Influence the Price of a Handle of Vodka?

Brand reputation, distillation process, quality of ingredients, place of origin, and even packaging can affect the price.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for a Handle of Vodka?

Prices vary widely based on the factors mentioned above. You might find handles for as low as $15 to $20 for economy brands, while premium brands can exceed $100.

Are More Expensive Vodkas Necessarily Better?

Not always. While price can be an indicator of quality, personal preference plays a significant role. Some people might not discern a notable difference between mid-range and high-end vodkas.

How Does the Price of Vodka in a Handle Compare to Smaller Bottles?

Typically, buying vodka in larger quantities like a handle provides a better price per ounce compared to smaller bottles.

Are There Any Deals or Discounts When Buying a Handle?

Many liquor stores offer promotions, especially around holidays or special events. It's worth shopping around or asking about upcoming sales.

What are Some Popular Brands That Offer Vodka in Handles?

Some of the widely recognized brands include Smirnoff, Absolut, Grey Goose, and Tito's, among others.

Does a Handle's Price Vary by Region or Country?

Absolutely. Taxes, import fees, and distribution costs can cause significant price variations between countries or even states.

How Can I Ensure I'm Getting Good Value for Money?

Research reviews, compare prices at different stores, and consider the occasions you'll be using the vodka for. Sometimes, a mid-range vodka is perfect for mixed drinks, while a high-end one might be reserved for sipping.

Can I Buy Handles of Vodka Online?

Yes, many online liquor retailers offer handles of vodka. Ensure you're purchasing from a reputable source and check shipping and handling fees.

How Do Vodka Subscriptions or Memberships Affect Price?

Some memberships or subscription services offer discounts, exclusive deals, or free shipping, which might lead to cost savings in the long run.

What If I Want a Unique or Craft Vodka? Will It Be Available in a Handle?

While many craft or boutique vodkas are sold in standard 750ml bottles, some might offer handles, especially if they gain popularity.

How Can I Gift a Handle of Vodka?

Given its size, it makes for an impressive gift. Pair it with a set of glasses, mixers, or cocktail recipe book. Ensure the recipient drinks alcohol and appreciates vodka.

Is It Possible to Get a Custom Label or Packaging for a Handle?

Some brands offer personalized labels, especially for gifting or special occasions. There might be an additional fee for this service.

Why Do Some Vodkas in Handles Have Different Alcohol Content?

While many vodkas are standardized at 40% alcohol by volume (ABV), brands might offer variations with higher or lower ABV, affecting taste and potency.

Can I Return or Exchange a Handle If I Change My Mind?

Liquor return policies vary by store and region. Some places might allow unopened returns, while others may not. Always check the store's return policy before purchasing.

Are There Seasonal Variations in the Price of a Handle?

Prices can fluctuate during the year. For instance, around New Year's Eve or other major holidays, there might be promotions or increased demand that affects pricing.

Wrapping Up: Is a Handle of Vodka a Good Investment?

For those looking for value, convenience, and a lasting supply of their favorite spirit, a handle of vodka is a fantastic choice. Whether you're a connoisseur, hosting a party, or just want to ensure your bar is well-stocked, there's a handle out there to suit every taste and budget. Cheers to savvy shopping and delightful drinking!

Now that you're equipped with everything you need to know about handles of vodka, you can confidently shop for the perfect large-format bottle for your next gathering or to stock your home bar. Be sure to explore our other guides on Vodka Doctors for more information, such as our reviews of various vodka brands and guides on how to make delicious vodka cocktails that will appeal to all tastes. Folks, raise a toast with your new-found knowledge, and don't forget to share this article with fellow vodka enthusiasts!

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Ferdynand Scheuerman

Ferdynand is Vodka importer, exporter and specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Vodka industry. He knows the subtle in's & out's of Vodka. Spending most of his time discovering new brands, new blends and new cocktails.

About Ferdynand Scheuerman

Ferdynand is Vodka importer, exporter and specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Vodka industry. He knows the subtle in's & out's of Vodka. Spending most of his time discovering new brands, new blends and new cocktails.

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