How To Make Vodka Gummies

How To Make Vodka Gummies

Looking for a fun, delicious, and easy-to-make treat for your next party or just something to enjoy on a cozy night in? Look no further! Vodka Gummies are the answer. These adult-only sweet treats combine the taste of your favorite gummy candies with the kick of vodka for a perfect, portable party snack. In this guide, Vodka Doctors will teach you how to make vodka gummies and share some helpful tips to make your homemade vodka gummies an absolute hit.

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Ingredients and Equipment:

Before getting started, you'll need the following:

- Gummy candies (Bears, Worms, or any other shape you like)

- Vodka (Your preferred brand, but a mid-range option is usually best)

- A shallow dish with a lid (or plastic wrap)

- A refrigerator

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Choose the Right Gummies

Not all gummy candies are created equal; some are better suited for vodka infusion than others. Softer, more porous gummies tend to absorb the vodka more quickly and provide a better overall result. Popular choices include gummy bears, gummy worms, and sour gummy candies. Feel free to experiment with different shapes and flavors, but avoid coated candies (like sugar-coated gummies) as they can become overly sweet and sticky during the infusion process.

2. Prepare the Dish

Choose a shallow dish that gives your gummies enough room to spread out without stacking on top of each other. We recommend using a glass or ceramic dish with a lid. If you don't have a lid, plastic wrap can be used as a substitute.

3. Add Gummies and Vodka

Place the gummies in the dish, evenly spaced apart. Pour vodka over the gummies, making sure that they are entirely submerged. The amount of vodka you use will depend on the size and shape of your dish, but it's crucial to ensure complete coverage for optimal vodka absorption.

4. Refrigerate

Cover the dish with the lid or plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator. The infusion process requires time for the gummies to absorb the vodka fully. We recommend refrigerating for at least 12 hours, but a full 24 hours will yield the best results. It's essential to be patient and allow the gummies to soak up as much vodka as possible before serving.

5. Remove and Serve

Once the gummies have absorbed the vodka, carefully remove them from the dish using a slotted spoon or fork. The vodka gummies may be slightly fragile, so handle with care to avoid tearing or squishing. Place them on a serving tray or in individual small cups. Enjoy your delicious vodka gummies!

How To Make Vodka Gummies Example:

Imagine you're hosting a game night with friends, and you want to serve a fun and unique treat. You decide on vodka gummies and follow the steps above to create a batch with a mix of gummy bears and sour gummy worms. After letting them soak for a full day, you carefully remove the gummies with a fork and arrange them in small cups. Your friends are impressed by your creative and tasty vodka gummies - a total hit for your game night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are vodka gummies?

Vodka gummies are a type of alcohol-infused candy made by soaking gummy bears or other gummy candies in vodka. The result is a chewy, flavorful treat with an alcoholic kick, commonly served at parties or used as a fun adult snack.

How do you choose the best gummies for making vodka gummies?

For making vodka gummies, select gummy candies that are firm and not too soft. This ensures they can absorb the alcohol without dissolving. Haribo is a popular brand for this purpose, but you can experiment with different types to find your personal favorite.

What type of vodka should be used in vodka gummies?

While any vodka can be used, a mid-range quality vodka is recommended for a good balance of flavor and cost-efficiency. There's no need to invest in premium vodka since the gummies will significantly influence the taste.

Can I use flavored vodka?

Yes, using flavored vodka can add an extra dimension to your vodka gummies. Choose a flavor that complements or contrasts with the flavors of your gummy candies for a unique taste experience.

How much vodka do you need to make vodka gummies?

The amount of vodka needed varies depending on the quantity of gummies you are infusing and your desired alcohol content. A good rule of thumb is to use just enough vodka to cover the gummies in the bowl or container.

How long should gummies soak in vodka?

Gummies should typically soak in vodka for 12 to 24 hours. Soaking for less time will result in a weaker alcohol flavor, while soaking longer can make the gummies too soggy. Check them periodically to achieve your preferred texture and taste.

Do vodka gummies get you drunk?

Yes, vodka gummies can get you drunk since they contain alcohol. The level of intoxication depends on how many gummies are consumed and the individual's alcohol tolerance. Consume them responsibly, as it's easy to overlook how much alcohol you're ingesting due to their candy-like nature.

How should vodka gummies be stored?

Vodka gummies should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator to maintain their texture and prevent them from spoiling. They can absorb flavors and odors from the fridge, so ensure they're sealed properly.

Can vodka gummies go bad?

While the alcohol acts as a preservative, vodka gummies can still go bad if exposed to bacteria or stored improperly. If they develop an off smell, taste, or appearance, discard them immediately.

Are vodka gummies legal to bring to public events?

The legality of bringing vodka gummies to public events depends on local alcohol laws and regulations. Always check the alcohol policies of the event and the venue before bringing them along.

Is it possible to use candy molds to make homemade gummy shapes for vodka gummies?

Yes, you can use candy molds to make your own gummy shapes at home. After preparing the gummy mixture, simply pour it into the molds before soaking them in vodka.

How can I prevent the gummies from sticking together after soaking?

To prevent sticking, lay the gummies out on a parchment-lined tray after soaking and gently pat them dry with paper towels. You can also toss them lightly in cornstarch or powdered sugar if desired.

Can you make vodka gummies with other types of alcohol?

Yes, you can use different types of alcohol like rum, tequila, or whisky to infuse the gummies. Each type of alcohol will lend its own unique flavor to the candies.

What's the best way to serve vodka gummies?

Vodka gummies are best served chilled. You can present them on a platter, in a bowl, or skewered on cocktail sticks. Be creative and consider pairing them with complementary drinks or other party snacks.

Do vodka gummies need to be refrigerated while soaking?

It's not strictly necessary to refrigerate vodka gummies while they're soaking, but doing so can help maintain their texture and prevent potential bacterial growth.

Can vodka gummies be frozen?

Freezing is not recommended as it can alter the texture of the gummies and cause them to become too hard. Stick to refrigeration for the best results.

Are vodka gummies suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

It depends on the individual's dietary restrictions. Those avoiding alcohol or certain ingredients found in gummy candies, such as gelatin, should not consume vodka gummies. Always check the ingredients list if you have dietary concerns.

How do you ensure even vodka absorption in the gummies?

Ensure even absorption by stirring the gummies gently a few times throughout the soaking process. This helps distribute the vodka uniformly.

Can I sweeten my vodka gummies?

If you find your vodka gummies are not sweet enough, you can sweeten them by adding simple syrup to the vodka before soaking. Be cautious not to overdo it, as the gummies are already sweet.

What is the nutritional content of vodka gummies?

Vodka gummies are high in sugar and contain alcohol. They are not a significant source of nutrients and should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Are vodka gummies gluten-free?

Many gummy candies do not contain gluten, and most vodkas are gluten-free as well. However, you should check the packaging of the products you're using to make sure, especially if you're catering to those with gluten sensitivities.

Can vodka gummies cause allergic reactions?

If you have allergies to any ingredients used in the gummy candies or the vodka (such as specific flavorings or additives), consumption could trigger an allergic reaction. Always read labels carefully if you have known food allergies.

Now that you know how to make delectable vodka gummies, it's time to get creative and share your newfound knowledge with friends and family. Vodka gummies are an excellent addition to any gathering, and we're certain they'll be a hit with your guests, too! Be sure to check out Vodka Doctors for more great vodka guides, including top vodka brands and delicious vodka cocktail recipes. And if you found this article helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends, so they can join in on the fun. Cheers!

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Ferdynand Scheuerman

Ferdynand is Vodka importer, exporter and specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Vodka industry. He knows the subtle in's & out's of Vodka. Spending most of his time discovering new brands, new blends and new cocktails.

About Ferdynand Scheuerman

Ferdynand is Vodka importer, exporter and specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Vodka industry. He knows the subtle in's & out's of Vodka. Spending most of his time discovering new brands, new blends and new cocktails.

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