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Reyka Vodka: Everything You Need to Know

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Reyka Vodka is a high-quality vodka that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is made with natural ingredients and Icelandic water, which gives it a unique flavor profile that sets it apart from other vodkas on the market. Reyka Vodka is perfect for cocktails, but can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Reyka Vodka, including its history, flavor profile, and best uses. We will also discuss where you can buy Reyka Vodka online and in stores.

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What is Reyka Vodka?

Reyka Vodka is a premium vodka distilled in Reykjavik, Iceland. The water used to make Reyka comes from a glacial spring located in the Reykjanes peninsula, where Reyka Vodka is also distilled and bottled.

Reyka Vodka was founded in Reykjavik in 2007 by Birgir Smari Bergsson and William Grant & Sons. The company's goal was to create a high-quality vodka that would be enjoyed by people all over the world. Reyka Vodka is made with Icelandic water, which is some of the purest water on Earth.

Reyka Vodka has won numerous awards, including a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Double Gold Medal at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition. Reyka Vodka is available in many different countries, including the United States, Canada, England, and Japan.

Why is Reyka Vodka Good?

Reyka Vodka is special because it is made with Icelandic water, which is some of the purest water on Earth. Reykjavik is also a very clean city, so the air quality is very good. This means that Reyka Vodka has a very clean taste.

How is Reyka Vodka Made?

Reyka Vodka is also distilled using a traditional copper pot still, which gives it a smooth texture. The vodka is then filtered through lava rock, which gives it a unique flavor.

What is The History of Reyka Vodka?

Reyka Vodka was first created in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2007. The company is owned by William Grant & Sons, who also own other notable brands such as Glenfiddich and Balvenie single malt scotches, Hendrick's Gin, and Reyka's sister vodka brand, Reyka Small Batch.

The water used to make Reyka comes from a natural spring located near the Borgarfjörður Eystri region in East Iceland. This spring has been used for centuries by Icelandic farmers to water their crops.

The barley used in Reyka is grown on the same farm that has been in the family of one of the co-founders for over 100 years.

Reyka is distilled in a Carter-Head still, which is one of the oldest and most traditional methods of distillation. This type of still allows for a very pure spirit to be produced.

Reyka Vodka has won numerous awards, including a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Double Gold Medal at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition. Reyka was also named "Best Vodka" by Food & Wine magazine in 2009.

What Does Reyka Vodka Taste Like?

If you're wondering what Reyka Vodka tastes like, the answer is "clean." Reyka is made with Icelandic water, which is some of the cleanest water in the world. The result is a vodka that's smooth and crisp, with a slightly floral flavor.

Reyka is also one of the only vodkas made with Icelandic lava rock. This gives Reyka a unique flavor profile that you won't find in other vodkas.

What Are Some Alternatives To Reyka Vodka?

If Reyka Vodka isn't your thing, there are plenty of other great vodkas out there. Here are a few of our favorites:

These are all great options if you're looking for something different than Reyka. Each one has its own unique flavor profile, so be sure to try them all and see which one you like the best.

What's the Difference Between Reyka Vodka and Other Vodkas?

When it comes to Reyka Vodka, there are a few key things that set it apart from other vodkas on the market.

First and foremost, Reyka is made in Iceland - which means that it's subject to some of the strictest quality control standards in the world.

Additionally, Reyka is distilled using glacial water, which gives it a smooth, clean flavor that's unlike anything else out there.

Finally, Reyka Vodka is made using a single Column Still, which allows for more control over the distillation process and results in a higher-quality spirit.

What Are The Advantages of Reyka Vodka?

Reyka Vodka is a high-quality vodka that has many benefits. Reyka Vodka is made from Icelandic wheat and barley, which gives it a unique flavor.

Reyka Vodka is also one of the only vodkas that is distilled in Iceland.

This means that Reyka Vodka has a very pure taste. Reyka Vodka is also less likely to cause hangovers because of its purity.

What Are The Disadvantages of Reyka Vodka?

Reyka Vodka is not for everyone.

Some people do not like the taste of Reyka Vodka. Reyka Vodka is also more expensive than some other brands of vodka.

Finally, Reyka Vodka is not available in all states.

If you live in a state where Reyka Vodka is not available, you will have to buy it online or from a liquor store that specializes in imported alcohol.

If you are looking for a cheap vodka that does not have a strong flavor, Reyka Vodka is not the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for a high quality vodka with a unique flavor, Reyka Vodka may be the right choice for you.

Reyka Moscow Mule

If you're looking for a Reyka vodka cocktail, you can't go wrong with a classic like the Moscow Mule. To make a Reyka Moscow Mule, simply combine Reyka vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer in a copper mug. If you want to get fancy, you can garnish your Reyka Moscow Mule with a lime wedge.

Reyka Martini

Another popular Reyka cocktail is the Reyka Martini. To make a Reyka Martini, simply combine Reyka vodka and dry vermouth in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with an olive or lemon twist.

Is Reyka Vodka Vegan?

Reyka Vodka is not vegan because it uses honey as one of its flavorings. Reyka Vodka is gluten-free, though.

What is Reyka Vodka's Alcohol Content?

Reyka Vodka's alcohol content is 40% ABV. This is the standard alcohol content for vodka.

What Can You Mix Reyka Vodka With?

Reyka vodka is a great mixer. You can mix it with just about anything and it will taste great. Reyka has a very neutral flavor, so it mixes well with other ingredients. Some of our favorite Reyka cocktails include:

  • Reyka and cranberry juice
  • Reyka and ginger ale
  • Reyka and tonic water
  • Reyka and orange juice
  • Reyka and pomegranate juice
  • Reyka martini (with a twist of lemon)

If you're looking for something a little different, try mixing Reyka with champagne for a refreshing change. Or, for a real treat, mix Reyka with fresh grapefruit juice.

Reyka Vodka Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is Reyka Vodka?

Reyka Vodka is a premium vodka distilled in Borgarnes, Iceland. It's known for its purity and unique distillation process, utilizing Iceland's natural resources to deliver a clean, crisp taste unlike any other.

Why is Reyka Considered an Icelandic Vodka?

Reyka harnesses Iceland's pristine natural resources. The vodka is made from Arctic spring water and filtered through lava rocks, embodying the essence of its Icelandic origin in every sip.

What Makes the Taste of Reyka Vodka Unique?

The distinct taste of Reyka comes from its unparalleled craftsmanship. The use of a Carter-Head still, rare in vodka production, results in a smoother spirit with a fresh, clean profile that reflects the pure Icelandic environment.

How Does Reyka Vodka Embrace Sustainability?

Sustainability is at Reyka's heart. Their distillery is powered by geothermal energy from underground volcanoes, contributing to their carbon-neutral certification. Even their emissions are used to stimulate local vegetation growth!

What's the Best Way to Enjoy Reyka Vodka?

Reyka's smoothness makes it versatile. Enjoy it neat to savor its purity, add a single ice cube to unlock deeper flavors, or use it as a premium base for cocktails, enhancing any concoction with its crispness.

Can the Icelandic Climate Influence Vodka?

Absolutely! Iceland's climate provides unique conditions that Reyka leverages in its distillation process. The cold, consistent temperatures are ideal for vodka production, influencing its texture and purity.

What is the Alcohol Content in Reyka Vodka?

Reyka Vodka adheres to the standard for super-premium vodka, containing 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof), striking the perfect balance between purity and taste.

How is Reyka Vodka Distilled?

Reyka is distilled in a Carter-Head still, one of the few vodkas globally using this method. It allows for a more extensive range of impurities to be removed, resulting in an unparalleled smoothness.

Does Reyka Vodka Have Any Flavored Variants?

While Reyka focuses on their classic vodka, the brand occasionally explores limited-edition flavors or special releases, especially around cultural events or festivals in Iceland.

What Awards Has Reyka Vodka Won?

Reyka Vodka has impressed spirits aficionados globally, earning prestigious awards that recognize its taste, quality, and innovation. These accolades celebrate Reyka's commitment to excellence and its unique Icelandic character.

Why is Lava Rock Filtration Important?

Lava rocks are incredibly porous, making them excellent natural filters. As Reyka Vodka passes through, impurities are trapped, and the spirit absorbs minerals, contributing to its smooth, mineral-rich profile.

Is Reyka Vodka Gluten-Free?

Yes, Reyka Vodka is gluten-free. It's distilled from wheat and barley, and the distillation process removes any traces of gluten, making it safe for those with gluten sensitivity.

Can I Visit Reyka's Distillery in Iceland?

Reyka welcomes visitors for tours, where you can witness their unique geothermal distillation process, sample the crisp vodka, and immerse yourself in the brand's sustainable practices amidst Iceland's stunning landscape.

What Water Source Does Reyka Use?

Reyka uses Arctic spring water drawn from an underground spring that is replenished by rain and snow melt from the surrounding mountains. The water is so pure it requires no treatment or filtration.

How Should Reyka Vodka Be Stored?

Store your bottle of Reyka in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. While not necessary to keep it refrigerated, a chilled bottle of Reyka might be just what you need for an impromptu celebration or a refreshing cocktail.

Are There Any Special Editions of Reyka?

Reyka occasionally releases special editions, often in collaboration with artists or to commemorate Icelandic events or folklore. These limited releases are a testament to Reyka's commitment to its cultural heritage.

What Cocktails Work Best with Reyka Vodka?

Reyka's clean, crisp profile makes it an excellent base for a wide range of cocktails. Whether it's a classic Martini, a refreshing Moscow Mule, or an innovative custom mix, Reyka enhances it with a subtle smoothness.

Where Can I Purchase Reyka Vodka?

Reyka Vodka is available worldwide at major liquor stores, online retailers, and duty-free shops at international airports. In Iceland, it's readily available in local stores and is a proud export product.

What Is the Price Range for Reyka Vodka?

Reyka is a premium vodka, and its price reflects its quality and unique production process. However, it remains competitively priced within the premium segment, offering exceptional value for connoisseurs.

What Does the Future Hold for Reyka Vodka?

Reyka continues to embrace innovation, sustainability, and cultural connections. Expect more exciting collaborations, continued dedication to environmental responsibility, and, of course, the consistent quality and purity that Reyka is celebrated for.


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