What To Mix Blueberry Vodka With

What To Mix Blueberry Vodka With

Blueberry vodka has taken the cocktail world by storm, and it's no surprise when you think about it. Its enticing blend of sweet and tart flavors, coupled with the punch of vodka, creates a delightful drink that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with a variety of other ingredients. If you're looking to explore the world of blueberry vodka mixed drinks, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll explore some fantastic recipes and concoctions that will have you whipping up blueberry vodka creations that are sure to impress.

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A World of Flavor Combinations

One of the great things about working with blueberry vodka is its versatility. Its bright and fruity taste lends itself well to a variety of mixers, from the simple to the experimental. Let's look at some options to get you started understaing what to mix blueberry vodka with.

Tonic Water

Perhaps the most classic pairing for any vodka, tonic water works just as well with blueberry vodka. The effervescence of the tonic water helps to bring out the fruity notes of the blueberry vodka, creating a refreshing beverage perfect for a warm day or evening.


For a deliciously sweet and tart combination, try mixing blueberry vodka with lemonade. This fruity, zesty concoction is perfect for enjoying poolside or at a summer barbecue.

Sprite or 7-Up

For a bubbly twist, mix your blueberry vodka with Sprite or 7-Up. The sweet, fizzy soda brings out the fruity flavors of the vodka while adding a playful effervescence to your drink.

Orange Juice

Mixing blueberry vodka with orange juice creates a fantastic flavor combination that's both sweet and tart. This is a great choice for a fruity brunch beverage or for a cocktail that's both tasty and energizing.

Blueberry Vodka and Prosecco

For a sophisticated and bubbly concoction, mix blueberry vodka with prosecco. This pairing creates a delightful effervescence and a beautiful color that's perfect for a special occasion or an elegant brunch.

Addition of Fresh Ingredients for Enhanced Flavor

When it comes to mixing blueberry vodka, fresh ingredients can truly elevate your mixed drink.

Muddled Fresh Blueberries

Adding fresh, muddled blueberries will help bring out the blueberry flavor in your vodka and create an appealing visual element in your glass.

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves add a refreshing touch to your blueberry vodka cocktail while also creating a beautiful garnish. Simply muddle the mint leaves in the bottom of your glass, and then add the rest of your drink components.

Lemon or Lime Wedges

A squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice adds a zesty twist to your mixed drink, helping to balance out the sweetness of the blueberry flavor. Plus, a citrus wedge makes for an attractive garnish.

What To Mix Blueberry Vodka With Example:

Blueberry Vodka Lemonade Recipe

This blueberry vodka lemonade recipe is as refreshing as it is delicious, and it's incredibly easy to prepare.


  • 2 oz blueberry vodka
  • 4 oz lemonade
  • Fresh blueberries, for garnish
  • Lemon wedge, for garnish


  1. Fill a highball glass with ice.
  2. Pour blueberry vodka and lemonade over the ice, and stir to combine.
  3. Garnish with fresh blueberries and a lemon wedge.
  4. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mixer for blueberry vodka?

The best mixer for blueberry vodka is largely subjective, but classic options include lemonade, soda water, and tonic water. These mixers complement the sweet and fruity flavor of the vodka without overpowering it.

Can I mix blueberry vodka with cranberry juice?

Absolutely! Blueberry vodka pairs well with cranberry juice, offering a tart and fruity cocktail that is both refreshing and easy to make.

Is blueberry vodka good with orange juice?

Yes, blueberry vodka and orange juice is a delightful combination. The citrus notes of the orange juice blend nicely with the sweetness of the blueberry, creating a balanced drink.

What are some simple blueberry vodka cocktail recipes?

Simple blueberry vodka cocktails include the Blueberry Vodka Fizz, which is a mix of blueberry vodka, lemon-lime soda, and a squeeze of fresh lime. Another is the Blueberry Vodka Martini, combining blueberry vodka with a splash of dry vermouth and fresh or frozen blueberries as a garnish.

How does ginger ale taste with blueberry vodka?

Ginger ale adds a spicy kick to the sweet flavor of blueberry vodka, resulting in a zesty and refreshing beverage that is perfect for sipping.

Are there any non-alcoholic mixers that work well with blueberry vodka?

Non-alcoholic mixers like sparkling water, lemonade, and various fruit juices work exceedingly well with blueberry vodka to create a tasty non-alcoholic beverage.

Can I make a blueberry vodka mojito?

Indeed, a blueberry vodka mojito is a twist on the classic mojito. Simply muddle fresh mint and blueberries, and mix with blueberry vodka, lime juice, and a splash of club soda.

What tonic should I use with blueberry vodka for a G&T?

A classic, high-quality tonic water is recommended for making a blueberry vodka G&T. It provides a crisp, clean taste that complements the fruity vodka rather than competing with it.

Is blueberry vodka good for making a punch?

Yes, blueberry vodka is excellent for punches. It adds a hint of fruitiness and can be mixed with a variety of juices, soda, and fruit slices to create a flavorful party punch.

How should I serve a blueberry vodka cocktail at a formal event?

For a formal event, serve blueberry vodka cocktails in elegant glassware such as martini glasses or coupe glasses. Garnish with fresh blueberries or a twist of lemon to enhance the cocktail's visual appeal.

What can I mix with blueberry vodka for a winter-themed drink?

For a winter-themed drink, mix blueberry vodka with warm spices like cinnamon or clove, and consider adding a splash of apple cider or ginger beer to evoke cozy seasonal flavors.

Can I use blueberry vodka in a Bloody Mary?

While not traditional, using blueberry vodka in a Bloody Mary can add an unexpected sweet twist to the savory cocktail, making it an interesting and unique variation.

What is the proper way to garnish a blueberry vodka cocktail?

A proper garnish for a blueberry vodka cocktail can include fresh blueberries, a lemon or lime wedge, mint leaves, or even edible flowers for a sophisticated touch.

How do I make a blueberry vodka lemonade?

To make a blueberry vodka lemonade, simply combine blueberry vodka with fresh-squeezed lemonade and garnish with lemon slices and blueberries. Adjust sweetness to your liking with simple syrup or honey.

Are there any diet-friendly mixers for blueberry vodka?

For a diet-friendly option, consider mixing blueberry vodka with zero-calorie soda water, light lemonade, or diet tonic water. These mixers help to keep the calorie count down while still providing a delightfully refreshing taste.

Can blueberry vodka be used in a dessert cocktail?

Yes, blueberry vodka is an excellent choice for dessert cocktails. Combine it with ingredients like vanilla liqueur, creamy mixers, or chocolate-flavored syrups to create a sweet, indulgent treat.

Is it appropriate to mix blueberry vodka with milk or cream?

While not conventional, blending blueberry vodka with milk or cream can create creamy cocktails similar to a Blueberry White Russian or a fruity take on a classic milkshake cocktail.

What is a fun, summer blueberry vodka cocktail?

A fun summer cocktail could be a Blueberry Vodka Slush, created by blending blueberry vodka with ice, lemonade, and a handful of fresh or frozen blueberries for a chilly treat.

Can I create a sparkling blueberry vodka drink?

Definitely, adding a splash of sparkling wine or champagne to blueberry vodka can create an effervescent and festive sparkling blueberry vodka cocktail.

Do I need to use fresh blueberries when mixing with blueberry vodka?

Fresh blueberries are not always necessary when mixing with blueberry vodka, as the vodka itself has a blueberry flavor. However, using fresh fruit can enhance the drink's taste and presentation.

How can I create a unique blueberry vodka cocktail for a signature drink?

To create a unique signature cocktail, consider blending blueberry vodka with unexpected flavors like basil, jalapeño, or cucumber to surprise your guests with a one-of-a-kind concoction.

Now that you know what to mix blueberry vodka with, it's time to start experimenting with your own delicious concoctions. The versatility of blueberry vodka means there are endless possibilities to discover. Share your newfound knowledge with friends and explore other fantastic guides on Vodka Doctors to continue your journey into the exciting world of vodka cocktails. Your taste buds and guests will undoubtedly thank you.

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Ferdynand Scheuerman

Ferdynand is Vodka importer, exporter and specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Vodka industry. He knows the subtle in's & out's of Vodka. Spending most of his time discovering new brands, new blends and new cocktails.

About Ferdynand Scheuerman

Ferdynand is Vodka importer, exporter and specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Vodka industry. He knows the subtle in's & out's of Vodka. Spending most of his time discovering new brands, new blends and new cocktails.

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