Who Owns Amsterdam Vodka

Who Owns Amsterdam Vodka

Vodka connoisseurs and enthusiasts, gather around, for today we unveil the masterminds behind one of the most popular vodka brands in the world - Amsterdam Vodka. Often surrounded by intrigue and curiosity, the ownership of this popular brand has been a topic of discussion for a long time. Are you ready to discover the true identity and history of the owners of this legendary vodka? Join us at Vodka Doctors as we take a deep dive into this fascinating subject.

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The History of Amsterdam Vodka

Before we understand who owns Amsterdam Vodka, it's essential to learn about the brand's origins and its ascent to worldwide popularity. Amsterdam Vodka, also known as New Amsterdam, is a relatively young brand, launched in 2011 by California-based New Amsterdam Spirits Company. Their objective was to create a high-quality, yet affordable vodka to cater to the masses. Safe to say, their mission was an overwhelming success. Shortly after its release, New Amsterdam Vodka exploded in popularity, quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing vodka brands in the United States.

New Amsterdam Spirits Company - The Creators

New Amsterdam Spirits Company is owned by E & J Gallo Winery. Established in 1933, the Californian winery is one of the largest family-owned wineries globally and the largest exporter of California wines. The E & J Gallo Winery empire encompasses numerous wine, spirits, and liquor brands, with New Amsterdam being among their most popular and successful creations.

What Makes Amsterdam Vodka Stand Out

Amsterdam Vodka owes its widespread appeal to several factors, such as its innovative recipes and commitment to high-quality ingredients. Here are some reasons why this vodka enjoys an unwavering fan base:

  • Smooth and Crisp Taste: Unlike some other vodkas, New Amsterdam's distillation process ensures a smooth, crisp, and clean taste.
  • Affordability: New Amsterdam Vodka is priced reasonably, offering a premium vodka experience without breaking the bank.
  • Flavor Variety: The brand boasts an impressive range of flavored vodkas, catering to diverse palates. Some popular variants include Pineapple, Peach, Orange, Mango, Lemon, and Berry. They've even introduced a limited-edition Watermelon flavor.
  • Marketing Strategies: Amsterdam Vodka's promotional campaigns and sponsorships, such as their partnership with the NHL, have contributed significantly to their steady rise in popularity.

Amsterdam Vodka Awards and Accolades

New Amsterdam Vodka has received several awards and recognitions that speak to the brand's excellence. Some of their most notable accolades include:

  1. 2011 - Platinum Medal (World Spirits Competition)
  2. 2011 - Gold Medal (San Francisco World Spirits Competition)
  3. 2013 - Impact Hot Brand Award
  4. 2013 - Beverage Information Group's Fast Track Award

Who Owns Amsterdam Vodka Example:

So, Who Really Owns Amsterdam Vodka?

Now that we've established the origins and success factors of Amsterdam Vodka, let's answer the burning question. Essentially, Amsterdam Vodka (also known as New Amsterdam Vodka) is owned by the New Amsterdam Spirits Company, which, in turn, is a subsidiary of the E & J Gallo Winery. So it would be apt to say that E & J Gallo Winery is the company that owns, operates, and manages the Amsterdam Vodka brand.

Congratulations! You now possess the knowledge of who truly owns the illustrious Amsterdam Vodka brand. As connoisseurs and aficionados of this luxurious spirit, we're sure you found this revelation to be as insightful as we did. Share this article with your fellow vodka lovers to expand their knowledge and explore other delightful guides on Vodka Doctors. Remember, there's always more to learn when it comes to the world of vodka – so stay tuned for more enticing articles and valuable information.


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