How Much Is 750 Ml Of Vodka

How Much Is 750 Ml Of Vodka

Have you ever found yourself browsing the vodka aisle in search of a perfect bottle for a party or a quiet night in, only to be stumped by vodka quantities and their prices? What does 750ml mean and how much vodka is that? Look no further, we have you covered. In this ultimate guide, we will break down the basics of vodka measurements to give you a better understanding of how much 750ml of vodka is, as well as explore some popular vodka brands and their prices.

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A global vodka giant with Russian origins, Smirnoff delivers consistent quality and versatility for any mixer.

Alcohol Percentage: 40%

Taste Profile: Crisp, mild sweetness with a clean finish

Best Cocktail Pairing: Classic Cosmopolitan

Best Food Paring: Grilled chicken skewers

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Swedish purity in a bottle, Absolut is distilled from winter wheat, giving a smooth and rich experience.

Alcohol Percentage: 40%

Taste Profile: Smooth with light grain and citrus hints

Best Cocktail Pairing: Absolut Elyx Martini

Best Food Paring: Smoked salmon canapés

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Ketel One

A Dutch treat, Ketel One is the result of over 300 years of distilling expertise; a refined choice.

Alcohol Percentage: 40%

Taste Profile: Fresh with subtle citrus and honey notes

Best Cocktail Pairing: Dutch Mule

Best Food Paring: Aged cheeses or Dutch herring

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Understanding Vodka Measurements

When shopping for vodka, it is essential to know common measurements to ensure you have the right amount for your needs. Vodka is typically sold in various bottle sizes, with the most popular being 750ml. Here is a quick breakdown of common vodka bottle sizes:

  • 50ml – Miniature, perfect for sampling
  • 200ml – Ideal for cocktails and gifts
  • 375ml – Half bottle, suitable for small gatherings
  • 750ml – Standard bottle, great for parties and general consumption
  • 1 liter – Larger bottle, ideal for larger gatherings and events
  • 1.75 liters – Half-gallon size, ideal for long-term storage and large events

How Much is 750ml of Vodka?

A 750ml bottle of vodka is also referred to as a "fifth" because it is approximately one-fifth of a gallon. This standard bottle size is equivalent to:

  • 25.4 fluid ounces (US)
  • 26.4 fluid ounces (UK)
  • 750 milliliters (Metric)
  • About 17 standard shots (1.5oz each)

In simpler terms, a 750ml bottle of vodka typically contains enough vodka for around 17 standard shots, making it an ideal option for medium-sized gatherings or stocking up your personal liquor collection.

Now that you know how much vodka is in a 750ml bottle, let's explore some popular vodka brands and how much they typically cost in this size. Keep in mind that prices may vary by location, taxes, and retailer.


Originating from Sweden, Absolut is a well-known vodka brand with a wide range of flavors. A 750ml bottle of Absolut vodka typically costs between $18-25.

Grey Goose

Hailing from France, Grey Goose is a premium vodka brand and a bar staple that is known for its smoothness and high quality. A 750ml bottle of Grey Goose vodka usually costs between $30-40.

Ketel One

This Dutch vodka is known for its unique distillation process and high-quality ingredients. Ketel One vodka will often cost you around $20-30 for a 750ml bottle.


As a top-selling vodka brand globally, Smirnoff offers quality vodka at an affordable price. A 750ml bottle of Smirnoff vodka typically costs between $12-18.


Belvedere, a Polish vodka, offers a luxury experience and is popular among vodka connoisseurs. A 750ml bottle of Belvedere vodka will set you back between $30-50.

How Much Is 750 Ml Of Vodka Example:

Next time you're at the liquor store, remember that a 750ml bottle of vodka contains approximately 17 shots, which can help you gauge how much to purchase. If you're looking for a standard bottle at a reasonable price, consider a 750ml bottle of Smirnoff vodka that typically costs about $15. However, if you want to impress your guests with a more premium vodka brand, you could opt for a 750ml bottle of Grey Goose, which usually costs around $35.

Now that you have a better understanding of vodka measurements and popular vodka brands, you can make informed decisions about your next vodka purchase. Whether you're stocking your liquor cabinet or entertaining guests, 750ml of vodka is a versatile size for various occasions. Don't forget to share this article with your fellow vodka enthusiasts and explore other guides on Vodka Doctors for even more insights into the world of vodka. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the volume of a standard bottle of vodka?

A standard bottle of vodka typically holds 750 ml (or 25.4 ounces) of liquid, which is equivalent to about 17 shots, depending on the size of the shot which is generally considered to be 1.5 ounces.

How many drinks can you get from a 750 ml bottle of vodka?

It depends on the size of each serving. If you're using the standard 1.5-ounce serving for a shot, you can get approximately 17 shots from a 750 ml bottle of vodka.

Is 750 ml of vodka a lot to drink for one person?

Yes, 750 ml of vodka is a considerable amount and is more than six times the daily recommended limit of alcohol for men, and over nine times the daily recommended limit for women as advised by many health organizations.

What is the percentage of alcohol in 750 ml of vodka?

The percentage of alcohol in a vodka bottle can vary, but it is typically around 40% ABV (Alcohol By Volume).

How should I store vodka after opening?

After opening, vodka should be stored tightly sealed in a cool, dark place. It's not necessary to refrigerate vodka, as it has a high alcohol content which inhibits bacterial growth and spoilage.

Can 750 ml of vodka be taken on a plane?

Yes, but not in carry-on luggage due to liquid restrictions. It must be in checked luggage and well-packaged to prevent breakage. Different airlines might have individual restrictions, so it's a good idea to check with your airline beforehand.

How long does vodka last once the bottle is opened?

Vodka is a high-proof spirit and can last indefinitely if stored properly. Its quality or taste will not deteriorate over time if the bottle is kept sealed when not in use.

What is the average price range for a 750 ml bottle of vodka?

The price of a 750 ml bottle of vodka varies widely depending on the brand, quality, and region. It can range anywhere from around $10 for budget brands to hundreds of dollars for premium or luxury brands.

Can 750 ml of vodka be used for homemade extracts or tinctures?

Yes, vodka is commonly used as a base for homemade extracts like vanilla or herbal tinctures because of its neutral flavor and preservative alcohol content.

Is vodka gluten-free?

Most vodka is gluten-free, even if made from gluten-grain-based ingredients because the distillation process typically removes gluten proteins. However, individuals with severe gluten sensitivities or celiac disease may want to choose vodkas specifically labeled as gluten-free.

What cocktails can I make with 750 ml of vodka?

With 750 ml of vodka, you can make a variety of cocktails including Bloody Marys, Moscow Mules, Vodka Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Screwdrivers, and many more.

Does freezing vodka affect its quality?

Freezing vodka does not affect its quality. It can be stored in the freezer to maintain a chilled temperature for serving without altering the vodka's composition or flavor profile.

What is the difference between flavored and unflavored vodka?

The main difference is that flavored vodka has added extracts or natural flavorings, while unflavored vodka has a clean, neutral taste. The choice depends on personal preference and the intended use in cocktails or recipes.

Is it true that higher-priced vodka is always better?

Not necessarily, while some higher-priced vodkas offer exceptional smoothness and purity, there are many affordable vodkas that are of high quality too. Brand reputation, production methods, and personal taste preferences all play roles in determining the "better" vodka.

How can I discern the quality of vodka?

Quality of vodka can often be determined by its smoothness, clarity, and lack of harshness or burning sensation upon consumption. Reading professional reviews and tasting for yourself is the best way to determine vodka quality.

Can vodka go bad?

Vodka is less likely to go bad due to its high alcohol content, but it can lose its optimal taste, especially if not stored properly or if the bottle is frequently opened and closed, allowing oxygen to affect its composition.

What measures can be taken to drink vodka responsibly?

To drink vodka responsibly, it's important to know your limits, drink in moderation, consume food with alcohol, stay hydrated by drinking water, and ensure you do not operate vehicles or machinery under the influence.

Are there any health benefits to drinking vodka?

While moderate alcohol consumption has been associated with certain health benefits, such as potential heart health benefits, it is essential to drink responsibly as excessive alcohol consumption can lead to serious health issues.

Can 750 ml of vodka be used for cooking?

Yes, vodka can be used in cooking to enhance flavors and textures, such as in vodka sauce for pasta dishes. Alcohol content usually cooks off, leaving the subtle flavors behind.

What factors influence the taste of vodka?

The taste of vodka can be influenced by the ingredients used (grains, potatoes, grapes), water quality, distillation process, and whether it has been filtered or flavored.

How do I choose a good vodka?

Choosing a good vodka depends on personal preference, but considering factors such as ingredients, distillation process, brand reputation, and intended use will help. Taste testing different brands may also guide your selection.

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Ferdynand Scheuerman

Ferdynand is Vodka importer, exporter and specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Vodka industry. He knows the subtle in's & out's of Vodka. Spending most of his time discovering new brands, new blends and new cocktails.

About Ferdynand Scheuerman

Ferdynand is Vodka importer, exporter and specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Vodka industry. He knows the subtle in's & out's of Vodka. Spending most of his time discovering new brands, new blends and new cocktails.

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