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Element 29 Vodka: Everything You Need to Know

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Element 29 Vodka is a newcomer to the vodka market, but it has quickly gained a following among those looking for a high-quality, artisanal product. If you’re curious about Element 29 Vodka, or if you’re thinking of giving it a try, this guide is for you!

We’ll cover everything from the history of Element 29 Vodka to the different flavors it comes in to how best to drink it. So whether you’re a vodka lover or just looking for something new to try, read on for all you need to know about Element 29 Vodka.

What is Element 29 Vodka?

Element 29 Vodka is a craft vodka distilled in Aspen, Colorado. It is made with Rocky Mountain spring water and locally sourced ingredients. Element 29 Vodka has a clean, crisp flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Why is Element 29 Vodka Good?

Element 29 Vodka has a higher than average alcohol content at 40% ABV. It also uses top quality ingredients like winter wheat and barley.

The water used to make Element 29 Vodka comes from a private artesian well. This ensures that the water is pure and free of impurities.

Element 29 Vodka also uses a unique distillation process. Instead of using a column still, Element 29 Vodka uses a pot still. This gives the vodka a more robust flavor. It also allows for a higher alcohol content without sacrificing taste.

How is Element 29 Vodka Made?

Element 29 Vodka is made in a process that involves five steps:

  • Milling: the grains are milled to create a coarse flour.
  • Mashing: hot water is added to the flour which breaks down the starches into sugars.
  • Fermentation: yeast is added to convert the sugars into alcohol.
  • Distillation: the fermented mixture is distilled multiple times to remove impurities and increase alcohol content.
  • Filtration: finally, Element 29 Vodka is filtered through activated charcoal to give it a smooth taste.

Where Can You Buy Element 29 Vodka?

Element 29 Vodka is available for purchase online and in select liquor stores across the United States.

How Much Does Element 29 Vodka Cost?

Element 29 Vodka is priced at $29.99 for a 750ml bottle. This puts it on the higher end of the price spectrum for vodkas, but its quality makes it worth the price tag.

What is The History of Element 29 Vodka?

Element 29 Vodka was founded in 2015 by brothers Andrew and David Zwickel. The two had a passion for craft spirits and saw an opportunity to create a high-quality vodka. They partnered with Master Distiller Lance Winters to develop the perfect recipe.

After years of perfecting their process, Element 29 Vodka was launched in 2019. Since then, it has won multiple awards and become one of the most popular vodkas on the market.

What Does Element 29 Vodka Taste Like?

Element 29 Vodka is made with a unique blend of wheat, rye and barley. This gives the vodka a smooth and slightly sweet taste with a hint of spice.

The Element 29 team are passionate about creating the perfect vodka for any occasion. Whether you’re enjoying it neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, Element 29 Vodka is sure to please.

What Are The Different Types of Element 29 Vodka?

  • Original: this is the classic Element 29 Vodka flavor with a clean, crisp taste.
  • Lemon: Element 29 Lemon is made with real lemon juice for a tart and refreshing flavor.
  • Cucumber: Element 29 Cucumber is made with real cucumber juice for a light and refreshing flavor.
  • Pepper: Element 29 Pepper is made with real black pepper for a spicy kick.

What Are Some Alternatives To Element 29 Vodka?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Element 29 Vodka, consider one of these three brands.

First on our list is Ketel One Botanical. This vodka is distilled with real botanicals and fruit essences, making it a delicious and refreshing option.

Next up is Smirnoff Sorbet Light Lemon. This vodka has a light and refreshing flavor, perfect for summer sipping.

Finally, we have Belvedere Pink Grapefruit. This vodka is made with pink grapefruits from Italy, resulting in a tart and juicy flavor.

So there you have it! Three great alternatives to Element 29 Vodka that are sure to please.

What’s the Difference Between Element 29 Vodka and Other Vodkas?

The first difference you’ll notice is the taste. Element 29 Vodka is made with natural spring water, which gives it a cleaner, more refreshing taste. Other vodkas are made with tap water, which can give them a harsher taste.

Element 29 Vodka is also made with a special blend of grains, including wheat and rye. This gives the vodka a smoother flavor and makes it less likely to cause hangovers.

Finally, Element 29 Vodka is distilled six times instead of the usual three or four. This extra distillation step removes impurities and results in a higher-quality vodka.

What Are The Advantages of Element 29 Vodka?

Element 29 Vodka is said to have a more pure taste than other vodkas. This is because it is made with Rocky Mountain spring water and ultra-premium grains. The distillation process also removes impurities, resulting in a vodka that is smooth and clean-tasting.

Element 29 Vodka has won several awards, including a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It was also named one of the “Best Buys” by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

Element 29 Vodka is available in two sizes – 750ml and 1000ml – and retails for around $30 USD. If you’re looking for a high-quality vodka that won’t break the bank, Element 29 is a great option.

What Are The Disadvantages of Element 29 Vodka?

There are a few disadvantages of Element 29 Vodka. One is that it’s relatively expensive. A 750ml bottle retails for around $30-40, which is about twice the price of a mid-range vodka.

Another disadvantage is that Element 29 Vodka is only available in select markets. At the moment, it’s only sold in the United States, Canada, and a handful of European countries. So if you’re not living in one of those areas, it may be difficult to get your hands on a bottle.

Finally, Element 29 Vodka is produced in very limited quantities. The distillery only produces around 12,000 bottles per year. So if you do manage to find a bottle, it may be difficult to get your hands on more than one.

Overall, Element 29 Vodka is a high-quality spirit with a few minor disadvantages. If you’re looking for a premium vodka and don’t mind paying a bit extra, Element 29 is definitely worth checking out.

If you’re looking for some Element 29 Vodka cocktails to make, here are three popular ones:

Element Mule

In a copper mug, combine Element 29 Vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Element Martini

In a shaker filled with ice, combine Element 29 Vodka and dry vermouth. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with an olive or lemon twist.

Element Sour

In a shaker filled with ice, combine Element 29 Vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, and an egg white (optional). Shake well and strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with a cherry or lemon slice.

Is Element 29 Vodka Vegan & Gluten-Free?

Yes, Element 29 Vodka is vegan. The vodka is made from corn and distilled six times. Element 29 Vodka is also Gluten-Free.

What Can You Mix Element 29 Vodka With?

Element 29 Vodka mixes well with a variety of juices, sodas, and mixers. Some popular Element 29 cocktails include the Element Mule, Element Martini, and Element Sour.



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